71 vegan recipes for kids

71 vegan recipes for kids

Here are 71 vegan recipes for kids. From breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert. I have even included vegan recipes for sides, snacks, and even drinks to make each mealtime less stressful. 

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This list has you covered with ideas ranging from easy pasta recipes to pantry-friendly tacos to no-bake desserts your kids can help you make! 

If you and your child are vegan or if your kid has food allergies, I have got you covered with an extensive list of great recipes. All the recipes in the list are vegan as mentioned before. You will also find some allergy-friendly recipes that are gluten-free or nut-free.

This list also has simple meals that take under 30 minutes, healthy foods, super scrumptious dessert ideas, and even vegan take on traditional recipes so your kid doesn’t have to ever feel left out!

Look no further if you want to update your current rotation of meals or if you are new to a vegan diet and looking for kid-friendly vegan recipes.

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Vegan Recipes for kids – BREAKFAST

Below I listed some quick healthy vegan recipes for kids to eat before school. I have also included some weekend special breakfast items that are best served in moderation or for special days.

1. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

lemon poppy seed muffin with lemon glaze and zest on it
By – Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice

Muffins are a great make-ahead option for a quick morning breakfast.

These lemon poppy seed muffins are airy and have a delicious citrus flavor. Cover the top of the muffin with a thick, sweet lemon glaze for a zesty kick.

2. Blueberry Crumble Bars

By – Running on Real Food

These delicious, sweet ,and tart blueberry crumble bars are completely gluten-free and dairy-free. These are perfect for summer breakfast/brunch when fresh blueberries are in season!

3. Mini Blueberry Galette

By – Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice

Mini Blueberry Galettes are ideal for Sunday breakfast or brunch. They are easy to prepare and can be made in advance.

The buttery crust is filled with fresh blueberries and it tastes divine!

4. Tofu Scramble

By – Vegan Blueberry

If your kids are having a hard time giving up eggs, this is the perfect recipe for you. 

Tofu scramble is the vegan version of scrambled eggs. You’ll be amazed at how similar they are in texture and flavor!  

The secret ingredient – Black Salt* (Kala Namak) – makes tofu scramble even smell and taste like eggs.

5. Cinnamon Rolls

By – Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice

Make cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas breakfast! 

These homemade vegan Cinnamon rolls are fluffy on the outside, with gooey cinnamon filling inside. They go well with a layer of cream cheese icing on the top!

6. Spinach Banana Muffins

By – The Conscious Plant Kitchen

These moist Vegan Spinach Banana Muffins, or monster muffins as toddlers call them are packed with nutrients, fiber ,and protein. They don’t contain any animal products and they are refined sugar-free.

This is a great way to make your kids eat leafy vegetables first thing in the morning!,

7. Cranberry Orange Bread

Vegan Cranberry Orange Bread
By – Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice

Delicious vegan cranberry orange bread recipe pairs the tartness of cranberry with the sweet citrus flavor of orange juice and orange zest. 

This loaf is an easy kid-pleaser. I put this under “breakfast” but you can serve this loaf up for a snack or even dessert.

8. Pop Tarts

vegan pop tarts on a cooling tray
By – Wow Its Veggie

If you are looking for incredibly easy vegan pop tarts, look no further! This recipe is flavorful and delicious, and a whole lot better than the kind wrapped in foil. 

The best part is that your kids can help make this sweet treat and you can customize the flavor as per your taste!

9. Frittatas

frittata in a muffin pan
By – The Vegan Larder

These vegan mini frittatas are great for kids! You can switch up the fillings to their favorites. 

It’s a good idea to get the kids involved in making them or even set up a DIY frittata-making station!

10. Chocolate Star Bread

Vegan Star Bread
By – Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice

This is a good recipe for Christmas breakfast. Chocolate-filled, crunchy, vegan star bread is a perfect way to start your holiday season!

11. Strawberry Baked Oatmeal

strawberry baked oatmeal bars
By – Kelly Neiil

If you like overnight oats, you will love this baked oatmeal recipe. It is a good make-ahead breakfast. It only requires simple ingredients and fresh/frozen strawberries.

12. French Toast

vegan french toast with berries and banana
By – Broke Bank Vegan

Perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this easy vegan French toast is full of sweet, delectable flavors. 

We bet you won’t even be able to tell it’s completely free of eggs and dairy!

13. Pancakes

vegan pancake stacks with whipped cream and fruits on top
By – Veggie Desserts

These fluffy vegan pancakes only require 7 basic ingredients. This is a quick, easy and delicious recipe! Throw in a handful of dairy-free chocolate chips for a special treat.

Also check out this easy blue eggless pancake recipe!

14. Sausages

By – Minimalist Baker

Vegan sausages made from mushrooms that  form links, taste delicious, and are incredibly versatile! They are made from 10 wholesome ingredients. 

Perfect for grilling, breakfast, and beyond! If you want to bake them in the oven instead, follow the instructions in my bratwurst recipe.

15. Mini Cornbread Muffins

By – A Sweet Alternative

These mini cornbread muffins are sweet, tender, and delicious. They’re gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free, and so easy to make. Serve alongside a bowl of vegan chili or on their own for a snack or breakfast.

Vegan Recipes for Kids – LUNCH / DINNER

If you are struggling to make and pack lunch, here are some easy recipes that can be made and prepped ahead of time. The leftovers are also perfect for dinner.

16. Vegan Spinach Ravioli with Mushrooms

vegan spinach ravioli
By – Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice

These homemade vegan spinach ravioli with fried mushrooms are the ultimate comfort food. 

This recipe is simply delicious and easy to make! Even picky eaters who aren’t fans of green leafy vegetables will love this.

If you are allergic to mushrooms, check out these 12 substitutes for mushrooms.

17. Mac & Cheese

vegan mac and cheese in two bowls and a plate
By – Happy Kitchen

A delicious vegan take on an ultimate comfort food classic. Packed with veggies and plant-based protein, this easy 30-minute vegan mac ’n’ cheese recipe will become your family favorite!

18. Black Bean Sheet Pan Tacos

3 black bean tacos
By – Chelsea Peach Tree

Vegan Black Bean Sheet Pan Tacos are an easy, healthy recipe to add to your weekly meals. These are vegan and gluten-free. Added bonus – they are ready in just 30 min! 

This Texas Roadhouse Chili will go well with these tacos – these are however NOT vegan!

19. Vegan Pizza

vegan pizza
By – Plant Based on a Budget

Make your own vegan pizza at home with this easy recipe. A great idea to get kids excited and involved in making dinner is to organize make-your-own-pizza nights! 

Don’t forget to add all your favorite toppings to it.

20. Jackfruit Burgers

burger with jackfruit patty
By – Marley’s Menu

Looking for a meatless burger alternative that still gives you the meaty texture of a beef burger? These Jackfruit Burgers are here to save the day!

They are a little smoky, a little spicy, a LOT delicious!

21. Rainbow Pasta

colorful pasta in a heart shaped bowl
By – Vegan Dollhouse

Rainbow Italian bowtie pasta salad is a cute, easy, and yummy recipe that is guaranteed to get your kids excited for dinner!

If your kids love rainbow recipes, check out this beautiful rainbow cheesecake!

22. Vegan BLT Sandwich

Vegan BLT sandwich on a wooden slab
By – Vegan Dollhouse

A classic with a vegan twist – this vegan BLT sandwich recipe is crunchy, smoky with all the traditional flavors, without any of the meat!

23. Hot Dogs

vegan hot dogs in a bun with mustard on top
By – This Healthy Kitchen

You just can’t beat these meaty seitan dogs that are perfect for cookouts, warm weather, or any day you’ve got a hot dog craving! 

They’re approved by kids and adults alike, but FAR healthier than store-bought.

24. Ramen Stir Fry

By – Budget Delicious

This is a quick 10 Minute Ramen Noodles Stir Fry.

This vegetarian dish cooks quickly but is packed with flavor, and it’s easily customizable. Even your picky eaters will love it!

25. Avocado Wrap

By – Recipes From A Pantry

These super easy, 5-ingredient Avocado and Smashed Chickpea Wraps are a breeze to make. 

Kids and adults alike will love them and they are perfect for meal prep and on-the-go lunches.

26. Alfredo Pasta

By – Rainbow Nourishments

No dairy, egg, or gluten, no worries! This alfredo sauce is easy, vegan, and a very creamy sauce using a few common pantry ingredients.

 A family-friendly vegan comfort food staple!

27. Hummus Wraps

By – Eat Something Vegan

These Easy Hummus Wraps are simple, flavorful, and come together in minutes. You can try endless combinations to make these wraps fresh and exciting day after day.

28. Black Bean Meatballs

black bean Meatballs
By – Being Nutritious

These easy vegan meatballs take about the same amount of time to make as traditional meatballs. 

These meatballs made of black beans are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and they’ll stand up to your sauce without turning into a mushy mess.

29. Vegan Lasagna

By – Nutriciously

This is the best creamy egg-free dairy-free lasagna with vegan ragù and a high-protein cheese sauce!

Secretly healthy and veggie-rich, this budget-friendly family dinner is actually easy to follow and totally customizable. Try this scrumptious meatless meal – kids will love it! 

30. Vegan quesadillas

By – The Fiery Vegetarian

This delicious thin crispy, cheesy vegan quesadilla with a creamy tangy filling comes together super fast and is ready to be loaded up with toppings for a filling satisfying lunch or dinner.

31. Vegan Sloppy Joes

By – Lemon And Zest

Dinner can be ready in just 15 minutes with these ridiculously simple Vegan Sloppy Joes. Made with lentils, peppers, onions, and a handful of other pantry basics, dinner is served in no time and is delicious and filling!

Vegan Recipes for Kids – SIDES

Here is a list of vegan sides that are would pair perfectly with dinner.

32. Sweet Potato Fries

By – Winding Creek Ranch

These ultra-crispy sweet potato fries are extra crispy on the outside and tender and flavorful on the inside.

 These fries are incredibly easy to make and turn out light, delicate, and so delicious.

33. Vegan Chicken Nuggets

By – Veggie Desserts

These tasty vegan Chicken Nuggets (baked chickpea nuggets) are super easy to make with just 6 ingredients in 30 minutes. The whole family will love this recipe!

34. Focaccia

vegan focaccia
By – Sugar Spice

This no-knead focaccia recipe is vegan and beginner-friendly! It is chewy and soft in the center with a mega crisp exterior. 

This is go very well with soups such as this Sopa de Tortilla.

35. Tomato Basil Soup

By – Pressure Cook Recipes

This homemade tomato basil soup from scratch (use vegan options mentioned) is healthy, super easy to make, and freezer-friendly.

Check out these 23 vegan breads that you can dip in this yummy soup!

36. Vegan Challah Bread

By -Sugar Spice

Soft and slightly sweet, this vegan challah bread is so pretty and goes perfect with a spread of vegan butter! Must try round challah recipe!

37. Air Fryer Cauliflower

By – Nourish Plate

This crispy Air Fryer cauliflower side dish requires only 15 minutes to make! It’s delicious and flavorful!

Plus, this recipe needs just 5-6 simple ingredients and will be a definite hit with your kids!

38. Vegan Mashed Potatoes

By – Nourish Plate

This Vegan Mashed Potato recipe is an easy and filling side dish that takes only 20 minutes to make and can be served all year round!

It’s delicious, non-dairy, and gluten-free. Everyone will thank you for making it!

39. Vegan Chicken Wings

8 Vegan-Cauliflower-Wings-by-Nutriciously-Featured-Image
By- Nutriciously

Tender, crispy, flavorful, and fun – who would have thought that cauliflower could be so awesome? 

Try this higher protein and kid-friendly finger food that makes for the perfect side dish!

40. Air Fryer Carrots

By- Piping Pot Curry

Perfectly seasoned and so delicious, these air fryer roasted carrots are a quick healthy snack or side dish.

Make these crispy yet tender roasted carrots in the air fryer or oven.

41. Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

By-Two Healthy Kitchens

These super-easy Rosemary Roasted Potatoes will become your go-to side for everything from grilled burgers to dinner-party salmon!

With just a few ingredients you can keep on hand in the pantry, this simple side dish recipe is a snap to throw together anytime! 

42. Grilled Asparagus

By- This Healthy Table

This easy grilled asparagus recipe is ready in less than 15 minutes. It’s a fabulous side dish to serve during spring and summer.

43. Air fryer Onion Rings

By – Cuisine and Travel

These vegan air fryer onion rings use no egg and are even better than regular onion rings. The use of chickpea flour and corn starch creates an extra crispy and delicious coating.

44. Basmati Rice

By – Sugar Spice

Learn how to make restaurant-quality basmati rice in Instant Pot* that your kids will love to have with vegan curries. You will get soft, fluffy, and delicious rice each time with this recipe!

Vegan recipes for Kids – SNACKS & DESSERTS

I have included a lot of healthy snacks and some yummy, decadent vegan desserts that your kids will love in this section of vegan recipes for kids.

45. Vegan Brownie

eggless pecan brownie 1
By – Sugar Spice

Who says you have to forgo yummy desserts if you are on a vegan diet? Check out this easy and vegan brownie recipe! 

46. Peanut Butter Cookies

By – Marley’s Menu

These vegan peanut butter biscuits are crunchy, flaky, and buttery all at the same time.

They are a perfect accompaniment to tea, and every bite provides the perfect balance of nutty and sweet.

47. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons

By – Sugar Spice

If you like peanut butter as much as I do, you will love these!

Delicious peanut butter bon bons with the crunch of rice crispy and covered in rich chocolate, make for an awesome Christmas delight!

48. Almond Flour Cookies

vegan almond cookies1
By – Sugar Spice

These delicious cookies mixed with chocolate chips are an awesome snack and it takes less than half an hour to prepare. These are vegan and gluten-free!

49. Peaches and Cream

By – Beet of The Wild

This Vegan Peaches and Cream comes very close to the classic. Except, it’s made-with delicious Cashew Cream*, making it a much healthier and dairy-free option. I should also mention, there’s no sacrifice on flavor! 

50. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

By – Sugar Spice

Crunchy sweet cookie cups with candy cane handles filled with “hot chocolate”, topped off with marshmallows, sprinkles, and snowflakes*.

51. Watermelon & Strawberry Popsicles

6 Watermelon-Strawberry-Popsicles
By – Maple and Mango

These Watermelon Strawberry Popsicles are healthy, easy to make, and absolutely delicious. A refreshing treat that tastes like summer!

Another yummy treat  to check out – Chocolate Ice Cream Bars (Eggless, but contains Dairy)

52. Apple Chips

By – The Busy Baker

This Healthy Homemade Apple Chips recipe is so easy to make and they are the perfect snack for a fall day. 

Thinly sliced apples are dusted with cinnamon and baked until golden and crispy. The perfect healthy snack or lunchbox treat.

53. Fall Leaf Cookies

By – Sugar Spice

Vegan fall leaf sugar cookies are inspired by the beautiful fall colors. It is crispy, buttery, and yum! Perfect vegan snack to make during Thanksgiving!

54. Apricot and Coconut Bars

By – Its Not Complicated Recipes

Apricot and coconut bars are quickly and easily made and are a great healthy option when you need of an energy boost.

These no-bake bars are free of refined sugar, are vegan, and gluten-free. If you can’t find fresh apricots, try out my Lemon Bar recipe that can be easily made vegan!

55. Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

By – Summer Yule

Can you air fry chickpeas? Yes! Garbanzo beans, nutritional yeast*, and spices come together deliciously in this air fryer chickpeas recipe.

56. Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes

By – Sugar Spice

Cute and Festive Christmas Tree Cupcakes! These vegan chocolate cupcakes are so delicious and at the same time so easy to make that your kids can help you make these!

Another fun eggless cupcake recipe to check out – Red Velvet Cupcakes

57. Apple Granola Topped Goodness

By – Plant Based On A Budget

Provide a healthy dessert to the kids at the table with these chocolaty apple slices! 

These are the perfect no-guilt indulgence and a delicious way to get your fruit servings in!

58. Vanilla Cupcakes

By – The Banana Diaries

Super easy to make, soft, sweet, fluffy, and full of vanilla flavor, these vanilla cupcakes will be your favorite cupcake recipe, vegan or not!

Topped with delicious dairy-free buttercream and can easily be made gluten-free as well!

59. Coconut Macaroons

By – Sugar Spice

Easy Coconut Macaroons are delicious and oh so easy to whip up for a quick fix dessert emergency! 

This is a no-bake and amateur-friendly dessert.

60. Baked Plantain Chips

By – Cooktoria

These homemade Baked Plantain Chips are crunchy, healthy, and delicious! Make this recipe once and you’ll never buy them from the store again.

61. Dragon Fruit Ice-Cream

By – Xoxo Bella

If you are looking for a fun, colorful ice cream flavor, this is for you! This no-churn vegan ice cream is made with only two fruits –  bananas and dragon fruit! 

If you are ok with dairy, you would also love this easy blueberry ice cream.

62. Pumpkin Pie

By – Xoxo Bella

Hands down, the BEST Gluten-Free Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe! This easy from-scratch recipe is allergy-free, healthy, and delicious! Smooth and creamy pumpkin filling and a flaky buttery crust, topped with dairy-free whipped cream will wow everyone!

63. Vegan Charcuterie Board

By – Sugar Spice

Make this epic vegan charcuterie board as a fun appetizer/dinner for your next party! Loaded with dairy-free cheese, tasty plant-based meat, vegan bread, and more., this board will be a hit among kids as well as grown-ups!


Here are some of my favorite ones, that I am sure you would love –

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Vegan Recipes for Kids – DRINKS

I have included a few easy and healthy-ish drink recipes that even your kids can make alone!

64. Blueberry smoothie

By – Organically Addison

This Paleo blueberry smoothie is super creamy, easy and delicious! It is made with only 4 healthy ingredients, and takes just 5 minutes to make. 

65. Mango Turmeric smoothie Bowl

By – Sugar Spice

Let’s try something healthy, shall we? Great for your immunity and still tastes really good, this bowl of mango smoothie with a hint of turmeric and avocado with healthy toppings is definitely worth adding to your diet.

66. Dragon Drink (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

starbucks dragon drink recipe 10
By – Sugar Spice

Check out how to make this insta-worthy,  VEGAN tropical fruity drink – Starbucks Dragon Drink Recipe at the comfort of your home! Perfect  summer drink to quench your thirst!

67. Pineapple Matcha Slushie

By – Delicious Not Gorgeous

This pineapple matcha slushie is almost like a pineapple and orange smoothie, with a hint of matcha* to cut through all the sweetness and tang from the fruit.

68. Beet Smoothie

By – The Soccer Mom Blog

Packed with cleansing antioxidants, vitamins, and energy-boosting superfoods, this beet smoothie is the best way to start your kid’s day! Oh, and it tastes absolutely delicious – fruity and smooth!

69. Watermelon Lime Smoothie

By – Summer Yule

This dairy-free watermelon lime smoothie might more rightfully be called a slushie. Whatever you call it, get ready for some serious plant-based refreshment. This sweet and healthy drink is DELICIOUS!

70. Peanut butter Milkshake

By – Marleys Menu

This Peanut Butter Milkshake is outrageously delicious and with only 3 ingredients and ready in less than 5 minutes. Make it with crunchy or creamy peanut butter, non-dairy ice cream, and plant-based milk for a vegan sweet fix that you will come back for time and again.

71. Pineapple Mango Smoothie

By -The Littlest Crumb

This 5-minute pineapple mango smoothie is made with frozen mangoes, frozen pineapples, and a blend of mango and pineapple juice. This vegan smoothie is refreshing and you’ll want to have this smoothie every day of summer. 

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