Is Aunt Jemima Syrup Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out!

Is Aunt Jemima Syrup Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out!

Is Aunt Jemima Syrup gluten-free? Uncover the truth, explore cross-contamination risks, and get expert insights. Discover if Aunt Jemima Syrup is safe for gluten-sensitive individuals.

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Aunt Jemima Syrup has been a favorite choice for pancakes and waffles for a long time. It is known for its rich and sweet flavor. This beloved pantry staple complements all your breakfast favorites!

Aunt Jemima Syrup has an iconic packaging.  Its long-standing presence on US store shelves makes it a trusted choice.

Stack of pancakes and waffles are not the same without the iconic Aunt Jemima syrup.

But is Aunt Jemima Syrup gluten-free? That’s the burning question for individuals suffering from celiac disease or who follow a gluten-free diet. 

In this comprehensive blog post, we’re going to tackle this topic head-on. We will provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Let’s take a closer look at Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup and discover if it can be enjoyed as a gluten-free indulgence.

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What is Aunt Jemima Syrup?

Aunt Jemima Syrup is a popular brand of pancake syrup known for its sweet and flavorful taste. It is used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and other breakfast foods. 

The syrup is made from a blend of ingredients such as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, and artificial or natural flavors. Aunt Jemima Syrup comes in various flavors and thickness options. 

It has been a household name for many years. It is widely available in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Does Aunt Jemima Syrup Still Exist?

Aunt Jemima syrup still exists but it has a new name! After over 130 Years, this American classic has been rebranded to The Pearl Milling Company.

The reason for this change can be traced back to Aunt Jemima herself. Originally a fictional character, Aunt Jemima was used as a marketing tool to promote pancake mixes and syrup.

aunt jemima syrup being poured over stack of pancakes

PepsiCo and Quaker Oats Company are the current owners of the brand. The image of Aunt Jemima perpetuated racial stereotypes. This doesn’t align with the values of their companies.

As a result, they made the decision to phase out the Aunt Jemima brand.

The new name is an homage to the mill that began making the famous Aunt Jemima pancake mix in 1889.

Flavors and Varieties

Aunt Jemima Syrup offers a range of flavors. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Original: The classic Aunt Jemima’s original pancake syrup is known for its rich and sweet taste.
  • Butter Rich: Aunt Jemima Butter Rich Syrup offers an extra indulgent experience with its creamy butter flavor. It adds a smooth and rich taste to your pancakes or waffles.
  • Maple: For those who crave the distinctive taste of maple, Aunt Jemima Maple Syrup provides a delicious alternative.
  • Butter Lite: This variety combines the classic flavor with a hint of buttery goodness.
  • Sugar-Free: Aunt Jemima also offers a sugar-free syrup option.

      Maple Syrup vs. Pancake Syrup: Which One is Aunt Jemima Syrup?

      Aunt Jemima Syrup is categorized as pancake syrup rather than pure maple syrup. 

      Both natural maple syrup and pancake syrup are used as toppings for pancakes and waffles. But they have some key differences.  

      Real maple syrup is made by extracting and concentrating the sap from maple trees. It has a natural, rich, and distinct flavor. Pure maple syrup contains no artificial sweeteners or additives.

      pure maple syrup in a glass container shaped as maple leaf

      Aunt Jemima Syrup is a type of pancake syrup. It is made from a blend of ingredients such as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, and artificial flavors. 

      Pancake syrups mimics the taste and texture of maple syrup. But they are typically less expensive. They may also contain extra ingredients such as artificial colors and flavor enhancement.

      Is there Gluten in Pancake Syrup?

      Pancake syrups can vary.  Certain store-bought syrups might have ingredients that may have gluten.

      Or they are processed in facilities that handle products containing gluten.  This leads to potential cross-contamination with gluten.

      It’s essential to read the product labels. Look for any gluten-free labeling or allergen information if you are using commercial pancake syrups.

      If you have celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivities, it’s advisable to choose syrups that are labeled as gluten-free.

      Do Maple Syrup Contain Gluten?

      No, pure maple syrup does not contain gluten. Maple syrup is made  from the sap of maple trees. As a result, 100% pure maple syrup is naturally gluten-free.

      I always recommend reading labels to look for hidden gluten. They may contain additional ingredients that could include gluten. 

      What is Gluten?

      Gluten is a type of protein found in certain grains like wheat, barley, and rye. It’s like a sticky substance that helps hold the dough together and gives bread its chewy texture. 

      For most people, consuming gluten poses no issues and is a normal part of their diet.

      Individuals with gluten sensitivities may experience adverse reactions when they consume gluten-containing foods.

      Why should you avoid Gluten?

      In people with celiac disease, the ingestion of gluten triggers an immune response. Th immune response damages the small intestine lining.

      People suffering from gluten sensitivity suffer various digestive symptoms if they consume gluten.

      Gluten can be found in many food products. Bread, pasta, pastries, cereals, sauces can contain gluten.

      They may even by found in some unexpected sources like soups or processed meats. 

      Therefore, individuals with gluten sensitivities should carefully read food labels.  

      Ingredients of Aunt Jemima Syrup

      Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup contains – corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, cellulose gum, salt.  It also contains caramel color, and natural and artificial flavor.

      Preservatives like sodium benzoate and sorbic acid and a little something called sodium hexametaphosphate is also added. 

       This mix of ingredients gives Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup its signature taste and texture.

      Is Aunt Jemima Syrup Gluten Free?

      The short answer is Maybe! As per their ingredients list, Aunt Jemima Syrup doesn’t have any dairy or gluten ingredients in it.

      According to The Gluten Free Bar, Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup is considered gluten-free. It received a 9/10 in terms of safety of consumption, when following a gluten-free diet. 

      aunt jemima syrup being poured over waffles

      But, there may be a risk of trace amounts of gluten or dairy. This is due to potential cross-contamination during the manufacturing process.

      So, it’s not labeled as gluten-free or dairy-free. 

      It’s also worth noting that hidden gluten can be present in some ingredients such as flavorings, thickeners, and stabilizers. This makes it unsuitable for those with severe allergies or sensitivities. 

      Everyone’s tolerance is different. So, whether this syrup is safe for you depends on how sensitive you are to gluten.

      Cross Contamination Concerns

      In the case of Aunt Jemima Syrup, there is a potential risk of cross-contamination with gluten or dairy.

      The syrup itself doesn’t contain gluten-containing ingredients. But it’s produced in facilities that handle other products that might have gluten or dairy.

      That means there’s a possibility of tiny traces ending up in the syrup by accident.

      aunt jemima syrup over waffles and strawberry

      The extent of cross-contamination can vary. It would depend on the manufacturing practices and precautions taken by the company. 

      If you have serious allergies or gluten sensitivity, it’s better to be safe. Look for syrups that are labeled as gluten-free.

      I have done that work for you and compiled a list of certified gluten-free syrups below! That way, you can avoid any potential cross-contamination issues. 

      Better safe than sorry, right?

      How can you Tell if Syrup is Gluten-free?

      When you’re on the lookout for gluten-free syrup, here are the things to look for on labels :

      Check for a “gluten-free” label

      Some syrups display a “gluten-free” label right on the front. That’s a good sign that it meets gluten-free standards and should be safe to enjoy.

      Read the ingredients list

      Look for any sneaky gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley, or rye. If you spot any of those, chances are the syrup isn’t gluten-free.

      Watch out for tricky ingredients like malt, malt extract, or malt flavoring. They’re derived from barley and also contain gluten.

      Remember, it’s always a good idea to read the labels. Contact the manufacturer if you have any questions about the gluten content of a syrup. 

      Keep an eye on allergen statements

      Manufacturers often include allergen statements on their products. Look for statements like “Contains: Wheat” or “May contain traces of gluten”.

      Look for gluten-free certifications

      Some syrups go the extra mile. They get certified by gluten-free organizations such as Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) or the Celiac Support Association (CSA).

      See if it’s made in a gluten-free facility

      Some syrups state that they’re produced in dedicated gluten-free facilities. That’s a good sign because it means there’s less chance of cross-contamination.

      Best gluten-free Aunt Jemima Syrup Alternatives

      Here are some options if you’re looking for gluten-free alternatives to Aunt Jemima Syrup:

      • Maple Syrup*: Opt for 100% pure maple syrup, which is naturally gluten-free. It offers a rich and authentic flavor that can enhance your pancakes or waffles.
      • Honey*: Honey is a natural sweetener. It can be drizzled over your breakfast favorites. It adds a unique taste and can be a great gluten-free substitute for syrup.
      • Agave Nectar*: Derived from the agave plant, agave nectar is a sweet syrup with a mild flavor.
      • Fruit Compotes or Sauces: Experiment with homemade or store-bought fruit compotes or sauces. These can include options like strawberry, blueberry, or apple compotes. They provide a fruity and flavorful topping for your pancakes.
      • Other Gluten-Free Syrup Brands: Check below for brands labeled as gluten-free.

            Which Brands of Pancake Syrup are Gluten-Free?

            Now, let’s take a look at some common brands of pancake syrup. This will make navigating the grocery store aisles easier than ever:

            Mrs. Butterworth*

            Mrs. Butterworth offers a variety of pancake syrups. Their ingredients list doesn’t contain ingredients that have gluten.

            But it contains caramel color and artificial flavors. These can be potential sources of gluten.

            Maple Grove Farms*

            Maple Grove Farms produces gluten-free pancake syrup. It is made from 100% pure maple syrup or alternative sweeteners like fruit juice concentrates.

            They offer different flavors, including maple, raspberry, and blueberry.

            aunt jemima syrup being poured over stack of pancakes

            Stonewall Kitchen

            Some of the Stonewall Kitchen syrups are gluten-free. Their pancake syrups are made from pure maple syrup or natural sweeteners.

            They have options like Wild Maine Blueberry*, Vanilla Bean, and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple*.  

            As per their website, the products that do contain gluten are disclosed in the ingredient list.

            Nature’s Hollow*

            Nature’s Hollow offers 2 syrups – maple syrup and raspberry syrup. Both are labeled as gluten-free.

            Walden Farms

            Some of the Walden Farms are certified gluten-free. They create a range of sugar-free, calorie-free, and gluten-free syrups. 

            Vermont Maid*

            Vermont Maid’s original syrup is labeled as being gluten-free.

            Log Cabin Syrup

            Log Cabin pancake syrup doesn’t have any gluten-containing ingredients. It contains no allergen statements on the packaging. However, this top-selling syrup is not certified as gluten-free.

            Log Cabin maple syrup contains caramel color, which may or may not contain gluten.

            All their syrup is gluten-free, except for the sugar-free varieties.  This was confirmed by Pinnacle Foods, the parent company of Log Cabin in a forum.

            aunt jemima syrup being poured over french toast

            Hungry Jack Maple Syrup

            According to the Hungry Jack website, their syrup doesn’t include ingredients with or derived from gluten. 

            However, they don’t meet the criteria for a “gluten-free” label. This suggests that there might be a possibility of cross-contamination.

            Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup*

            Yes, you’re in luck! The ingredients list of Kirkland Signature maple syrup includes only “pure organic maple syrup. This makes it a safe and suitable choice for a gluten-free diet.

            Great Value Pure Maple Syrup

            Great Value pure maple syrup contains only “maple syrup” in its ingredients list.

            Their “original syrup” variant says it “may contain traces of milk, eggs, anchovies, wheat, and soy.” It’s best to avoid this particular product due to potential cross-contamination with gluten.

            Commonly Asked Questions

            Does IHOP Have Gluten Free Syrup?

            IHOP did not have a designated gluten-free syrup option on its menu. They may offer gluten-free pancakes and some gluten-free menu items. But the syrup provided at IHOP restaurants may not be gluten-free.

            Can I Use Pancake Syrup Instead Of Maple Syrup For Baking?

            Pancake syrup is NOT a good substitute for pure maple syrup in cooking or baking. It’s sweeter and doesn’t have the same flavor, so it can throw off the taste and texture of your recipe. (The strong imitation maple flavor will overpower a recipe. But pure maple syrup will add a subtle sweetness and delicate maple flavor.)

            Is Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix Gluten-Free?

            Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix or waffle mix is not gluten-free. Their pancake mixes contain wheat flour as one of their main ingredients, which is a source of gluten.

            Delicious Gluten-Free Pancakes Recipes

            Here are some delicious gluten-free pancake recipes to go with your gluten-free pancake syrup :

            • Mini Banana Pancakes – These mini banana pancakes are sugar, egg, and gluten-free.
            • Buckwheat Pancakes – These Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes are light and nutty. They are perfect for a lazy weekend morning.
            • Oat-Milk Pancakes – Light and fluffy oat milk pancakes. A simple way to make a quick and delicious breakfast or brunch.
            • Double Chocolate Pancakes – These Gluten-Free Vegan Double Chocolate Pancakes are a fluffy and decadent breakfast! It is Made with rolled oats and loaded with chocolate chips.


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